Update on exercise mission! + brief moan

Hi everyone

Just thought I would check in (mostly to keep myself in the game and motivated for rest of the week)

My exercise over weekend was a bit crazy I went hard!
Saturday –
Morning – gym workout – 30min cardio, arms, legs, floor work
Evening – 25min cardio, squats, ab work

Morning – gym workout – 40min cardio, ab work

Monday –
After work – 40min cardio (bike – what I find the hardest cardio), ab and floor work, arms

My bodies broken but I am feeling good and loving it!


And just for a quick moan…
I have been pleased with how my skin is not sagging especially my tummy I was really worried about this but I guess my workouts help that a lot. My one huge insecurity and hate is my big flabby arms, I have worked my arms so hard at the gym since I started at the gym last April but unfortunately I think that’s just dead skin hanging there.. I will give it some time though and persevere with cardigans and cover ups for now…


Hope you all have a good week xx


MIA – back into blogging, progress pic xx

Hi everyone

Where do I start.. I just read my last couple of blog posts and can’t believe how much has changed since then!

The biggest change is that I have taken on a job in a different city (Wellington, New Zealand) I started this role in the second week of December 2013 and it was fairly short notice I had to up and leave and get settled quickly… It has been extremely full on and taxing on me. Physically fronting up to a new job in a new city and mentally catching my brain up and having the confidence needed to pull out the goods and get my head around this massive lifestyle change.

The job itself is much more fast paced and full on than my previous role and I have met what feels like hundreds of new people within the space of a month. I don’t feel settled yet and aspects of the job I find hard and I don’t know where I fit yet.. I’m wanting to give it my all though so am toughin it out for now. The job is temporary ( a 5 month secondment) this will likely be extended but for now it’s until the end of April.

Enough about that .. I am mentally spent today and the thought of relaying my feelings about work is too much!

Today was one of those days where my grief over losing warren blindsided me. Grief is indescribable … Days and weeks go by and I can function like a normal person and put my mask on each day without too much trouble then days like today spring up and I’m taken back to the hospice kissing warren goodnight for the last time. It’s so raw still I feel like I could relay the whole experience in an instant. I find it really hard to describe to people but the feeling is like shock to me I suddenly think “oh my god my fiancΓ© got cancer and died and life is still moving fast around me and I’m standing here stuck in 27/4/12” shock is the only way to describe it I feel shocked about what warren and I went through.

This post isn’t making much sense I’m just going for it and there’s no flow!

Best talk about my weight and that journey… Since I moved here things have gone in slow motion in regards to my whole routine with food and exercise. I have been exercising but it isn’t consistent and that is the same with food. I am finally in the zone now where I feel like I can tackle this last 25kgs and make sure that 2014 is the year I got to my goal weight – 85kg

I have set a challenge for myself with exercise this week which I shared with a friend and she is going to give it a go too.. If you are looking for food inspiration for healthy lifestyles especially paleo and clean eating then check out Jess’s blog she is fantastic with food and there are loads of extremely creative recipes!! She’s on wordpress – missgraysouffle.com

Weight has fluctuated a lot and it is getting much harder to lose… It’s slow and not consistent . I need to amp it up!!

My weight situation:
Start weight: 155.7kg
Current weight: 110kg
Total loss : 45.7kg

A progress pic πŸ™‚




Goals/photos/general moan

Hi everyone

I wanted to bold separately about my goals, share some photos and just talk..

I’m still really enjoying trying out new outfits and dressing up for things so I’ll share some photos of those with you πŸ™‚ I am thinking of delving into my love for fashion and beauty on here a bit more but not sure how that would go down with my viewers?






Seeing those photos makes me cringe! I’m getting better at taking the selfies but I still analyze them lol

As I mentioned in my previous post, life has been full on

One awesome part of that is one of my besties got married! A lot of fun leading up to the big day including a hens party, lots of beauty appointments and a lot of laughs with a few cries!
Here are a couple of snaps of the hens party and one of me at the wedding – don’t want to plaster photos of everyone so the whole world can see without asking them.





As I mentioned before I need to sort some goals from now leading up to Xmas . My biggest goal is to get to 100kg – I am not expecting to reach this by Xmas however as things are definitely not moving as fast as they were

Exercise –
Work out 5 times per week for a minimum of 1-1.5hrs at a time
– mixture of gym workouts and big walks up hill etc
– go to Zumba again – I stopped going as I felt it didn’t give me enough but I love it so why take it away?!

Food –
Same as usual really – avoid processed high carbohydrate foods.
– include one protein supplement a day – dietician mentioned I wasn’t getting enough
– eat good vegetables with every meal
– don’t over complicate meals – nothing wrong with simple fresh food – you don’t need a million sauces and side dishes etc – especially when you can only eat a side plate of food lol

I’ll let you know how I get on πŸ˜‰


Measurements & weight

Hi everyone
Well it’s been a bit longer than I had hoped for updating everything – life has been full on – I have been in a pretty bad place for the last month or maybe a bit longer. Just stuck in struggle city…

I wanted to share with you all my current weight loss and my measurements – as a part of my operation I visited a exercise consultant every few months and she did my measurements which was awesome as this wasn’t something I had thought much of but it’s pretty satisfying!

First off my weight

Start weight – 155.7kg
Weight now – 112kg
Total loss – 43.7kg

I am pleased with this however I am feeling the need to really up the intensity of everything I’m doing, my goal weight is still 85kg and I intend to get there sooner rather than later I want to enjoy years and years of healthy uncomplicated living.

Below is a photo of my measurements from my appt with exercise consultant – I have lost 97cm lol the photo after that is me holding a tape measure of my loss!



I am going to post next with some photos and discuss my goals for now through to Xmas. I hope all your journeys are going well xxxx


Long weekend – outfit photos & workout!

Hi everyone

I hope you’re having a good weekend. I have ticked off some of the things I wanted to do this weekend …think I better clean the car tomorrow though :S

Thought I would share some photos from this week. I got some gorgeous summer sandals and have tried them with a few outfits






I also got a new workout singlet – I love the brand running bare for exercise wear and have never fit their clothes so this was exciting! I went on a tricky uphill walk with a friend yesterday which was a big challenge for both of us but we both felt really pleased with our effort and had a sense of accomplishment πŸ™‚ below are some picks, the face shot is afterwards – no makeup (a rare site lol)




I will settle down with the clothes buying and obsession with outfits but it’s still a huge novelty! I’m working on being a bit more frugal πŸ˜‰

One last note




Im back! – warning! Photos

Hi everyone

I just wanted to check in and say hi and record my progress – I have some underwear progress pics, outfits and food from since I last posted

I am getting pretty into instagram so if you want to see pics of shopping, beauty, nails, food and fashion then follow me – @samsalthouse

I have been absent from WordPress mostly because I have been insanely busy with work, the gym and stuff in my personal life. I received a lovely comment on my ‘about me’ from a follower checking in on me and that motivated me to check in with you all

Personally I have been up and down . I feel like I am a bit at the end of my
Tether with coping with things in general right now- I’m pleased this weekend is a long weekend in new Zealand so hopefully I can relax a bit. I plan on doing a walking track, cleaning my car, I have a wedding rehearsal to attend and just relax πŸ™‚

I visited my dietician recently and it went well, she is extremely happy with my progress and we had a really good real discussion about my expectations of myself and my journey and just life in general. Here is my weight situation


I am feeling ok about it but not fantastic … My weight hasn’t changed much in the last month but my body has changed a lot. Apparently I could be starting to gain muscle now my work outs are more intense.

Underwear photos.. Eeeeek I really hate doing these but it’s important to me. Left photo taken just before my operation weighing 155.7kg and the photo on the right was takn this morning



Heres some outfits from recently and a couple of my makeup pics







And last but not least my food lol yum!







Week 28 – selfies

Hi everyone

This week has been a quick one!
The last two days I have been at workshop for work which was interesting and full on am pretty shattered now but have just been out for dinner and drinks with friends which was nice πŸ™‚

I’m still not weighing for another week I finding this hard but it has alleviated some of my stress and worry about weight which is good… Perhaps soon I should swap to fortnightly Weigh ins?

Here are some photos from this week πŸ™‚ the exercise one is my usual routine at the gym I am participating in an instagram challenge for October πŸ™‚











Have a great weekend πŸ™‚